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G9 LED vs Halogen bulbs.

For many years Electrobright Ltd have been one of the top, trusted sellers of branded G9 Halogen lamps. With over 37,000 positive customer feedbacks across Ebay, Amazon and Google reviews we would like to offer our advice, regarding a switch to LEDS. We feel that now is the time to seriously consider upgrading to the new 2.2w Energizer G9 LEDs. They use 91% less energy, last on average 15 years (Not guaranteed and dependant on use), are equivalent to a 25w halogen bulb. Energizer are a safe, quality, trusted brand and will certainly re-ENERGIZE your lighting. At 3KWH and Warm White they will be a great choice for your lighting.    

Versus Halogen bulbs the electricity savings are huge. Its an ideal opportunity to lower the overall wattage being used in your household, before the 54% increase in the energy cap. If you have a light fitting with 10 x 25w bulbs, halogen bulbs would use 250w of electricity, whereas the G9 leds will only use 22w and on average last 15 years. You can calculate the savings by checking the kilowatt per hour / KWH from your utility bill. You will see the benefit too when you switch on your Smart meter.

Note , if you require small G9 LEDs for your light fittings, the Energizer 2.2w LED is small and compact (48MM X 16MM), but please check the size, as they are still larger than the standard G9 Halogen bulb. 

The Energizer G9 LED is non dimmable, but if you require a dimmable specification please contact us and we will try to help.