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Frequently asked questions

1. Where are Electrobright Ltd based and is it possible to collect?

Electrobright Ltd are based in the North West of England, in Bolton close to Manchester. We post all our orders promptly by First Class Royal Mail post, but if you prefer to collect, please contact us to arrange collection.  

Our address is:

  • 7 Baysdale avenue, Ferncrest, Bolton, Lancs, BL3 4XP.

2. I am unsure which type of light fitting I require. Do you have a guide?

Below are some of the most popular bulb types and a photograph to help you identify the light fitting.

G4 Bulbs - Photograph below.

G4 Halogen bulbs are commonly used in light fittings with smaller shades. They have 2 pins and are clear capsule bulbs. G4 Halogen bulbs are available in 10w and 20w. They are Warm white in colour, 2800-3000 Kelvin and the Eveready / Kosnic specifications have a "C" Energy rating. As with all halogen bulbs they are Dimmable and give a long life of on average 2000 hours. They also have a longer life than the traditional incandescent bulbs.

G4 LED bulbs /lamps. See photograph below.

 They are only 1.2w, Kosnic branded and have an average life of 30,000 hours. They are Warm white but are non dimmable specification.

G9 Halogen bulbs



 As can be seen above, we stock many different wattages and brands of G9 Halogen bulbs. G9 Halogen clear, capsule bulbs are Dimmable, Warm white and are available in 25w and 40w. The brand is the well established Eveready bulb.

If you prefer the Eco halogen bulbs we offer the Energizer Dimmable Eco halogen capsule lamps. These are 33w and have brightness equivalent to 40w. These have a C energy rating and are Eco friendly, low energy bulbs.


Kosnic also offer 18w bulbs G9 capsule which are eco halogen and equivalent brightness to 25w. They are Dimmable, warm white and have a C energy rating.

The Kosnic 28w Eco halogen bulb is equivalent to 40w brightness. These are also dimmable, warm white and have a C energy rating.


 If you are looking for an Eco halogen equivalent to 60w, Kosnic offer the 42w Eco halogen, in Warm white, Dimmable and again with a C energy rating.

GU10 LED bulbs.

One of the most popular household and bulbs used by businesses, often referred to as spot lights are the very popular GU10 bulbs. The GU10 halogen bulbs are now being phased out and replaced by the low Energy GU10 led bulbs. Kosnic and Energizer have a great range of Low Energy LED GU10 bulbs in 3w, 4w, 4,5w, 5w, 6w and 7 watt.

All these bulbs are available in Warm White, Cool white and Daylight.